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Captain America is really Steve Rogers.

The first Captain America comic book appeared in March 1941.

Although Captain America is often referred to as a super hero for World War II, to help America defeat Nazi Germany, the United States was not brought into the war until the bombing of Pearl Harbor in November 1941, long after Captain America comic books started appearing. (Historians and conspiracy theorists may ponder the extent to which it was presumed America would be getting into the war and timeliness of Captain America's appearance.)

The first Captain America comic books were made by Timely Comics. Timely ultimately became Atlas Comics, and then Marvel.

The Walt Disney company owns Marvel and Captain America.

The logo for Timely Comics was the original Captain America shield, but in different colors.

Captain America was by far Timely Comics' most popular character.

More than 200 million Captain America comic books have been sold worldwide.

Red Skull is Captain America's #1 enemy.

In 1944 a serial movie was made. It had 15 episodes or parts. A serial movie at the time was a short film shown before the main, feature film. The serial changed numerous 'regular' plot elements. Captain America was a district attorney in disguise who was trying to thwart creation of a super weapon. Although not called the atomic bomb, one might look back now and wonder about the similarities to the super secret Manhattan Project.

A 1990 Captain America movie was made. Although originally slated for release in movie theatres, it eventually was only released on video in 1992 and received very negative reviews.

Captain America's shield is made from vibranium. It was created by accident and the indestrucible formula has never been duplicated.

Although Captain America is sometimes referred to as the First Avenger, he was not. The original Avengers were the Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Wasp, and the Ant-Man.

Captain America joined the Avengers in the fourth Avengers comic book.

The Captain America comic book series lost popularity after World War II ended and was discontinued by 1954. Captain America was resurrected as an Avenger in 1964.

Red Skull was originally a Nazi agent.

The 2011 Captain America movie made more than $170 million. The 2012 Avengers movie made more than $600 million worldwide.

Chris Evans plays both Captain America and the Human Torch. Captain America's first shield was in the shape of a triangle. Later it was changed to the circle.

Dr. Abraham Erskine is the doctor who gave Captain America his extra-ordinary abilities. His death prevented more Captain America's from being created.

Chris Evans

Chris Evans has played the role of Captain America in the recent movies.

Evans was born in 1981 in Massachusetts.

Although Evans name may not be first off fan lips for macho, heroic actors, he has played a super hero in perhaps more movies than anyone else due to his role as Captain America and also the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four films.

Evans is single and available, although his girlfriends have been well known actresses.

For a couple years in the mid-2000s he dated Jessica Biel.

Evans and actress Minka Kelly have had an on and off again relationship.

In 2007 there were an item for a few months and then split. In 2012, five years later they were romantically back together, but split again in late 2013.



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