Captain America Gifts

Captain America is an American hero. The movie, Captain America: The First Avenger, is storming the world. Starring Chris Evans as Captain America, Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury, and Hugo Weaving as Red Skull, the movie has become an exciting blockbuster.

Here you will find a catalog and directory of Captain America collectible items, merchandise, and gifts, made possible by our official affiliation with Marvel, e*Bay, and other Captain America product sellers.

Everything from pictures and posters and to swords and shields to pins and buttons to gloves, masks and costumes, and of course action figures.

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Don't you need this Captain America statue? !!!

Need a great gift idea for your favorite Captain America fan?

Check out these and unique ideas:

- An authentic original Captain America comic. Maybe a new one. Maybe an older rare collector's edition.

- A Captain America action figure ready for proud display.

- The Jacket. Tasteful. Subdued. Yet classy at the same time. You never go wrong wearing Captain America. Never.

- Combine it with more iconic clothing, such as Captain America's Shield. Just kidding. The shield and jacket do not go together. But the shield. The shield! The perfect addition to your wall, den, or man cave.

Every fan or collector needs a classic Captain America Comic Book!

Captain America is a true American legend. Created in 1941 while war was raging in Europe but had not yet officially brought in the United States, Captain America was soon America's favorite comic super hero fighting the Axis military powers around the world.

Now, a decade post 9/11 Captain America is more patriotic than ever. The perfect hero to look up to in difficult times.

Look around. Enjoy. Everyone loves Captain America!



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