Captain America Miniseries – Winter Soldier The Bitter March

winter soldier bitter march 1

This picture is from episode 1 of the new Captain America mini series Winter Soldier – The Bitter March.  The five part mini-series is scheduled to begin in February before the Winter Soldier movie opens on April 4, 2014.

Set in 1966, Hydra has a secret Nazi weapon and the Soviets and S.H.I.E.L.D. are battling to gain control of it during their cold-war duel.  In particular, the Winter Soldier is a super soldier who has been brain-washed to work for the Soviets.  He is up against Nick Fury.  The outcome is supposed to have a significant impact on Captain America in the future.

Marvel is a  little coy about details at this point, but more will likely be provided as the release date nears.


Could a Helicarrier Really be Made?


Shown in the picture is the new helicarrier from the upcoming Captain America movie The Winter Soldier.

Very cool.  But is a flying aircraft carrier possible?  Isn’t it too big and heavy to fly?  Are those thrusters sufficient to get it off the ground?

There is an interesting article in Wired that goes through some mathematical gyrations about helicopters and what is needed to get them off the ground.  Essentially, you start with the weight of the object.  You need thrust greater than the weight to get it off the ground.  Thrust is generated by the number, size, and speed of the rotating blades.

The article suggests a Captain America style helicarrier is possible.  However, the Wired story comes up short in detailing how much an aircraft carrier weighs, and then working backwards how many thrusters, their size and speed are required for lift off.  The next step would have been analyzing the picture from the movie and saying whether this was sufficient.  Too bad, as the article started with a lot of promise.

The article concludes by going off topic and suggesting the amount of fuel required would be huge.  Maybe so, but a helicarrier can carry a lot of fuel.  What we want to know is whether something like this can theoretically fly?

New Captain America Movie Set for April 2014

the winter solider

As the poster says, the new Captain America movie opens April 4, 2014.  It is called Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

You can view the Marvel movie trailer here:

YouTube Preview Image

This looks exciting!

This is the type of Captain America we like, and the type of super hero Marvel has been making of killing from for years.  Sassy, intelligent, smart mouthed, comfortable with himself, a dry sense of humor, and on top of his game when it comes to battles.  Yes, this sounds a bit like Iron Man, but Captain America also fits the bill.   It is a recipe for success.

It has been a couple years since the Avengers movie and Captain America is trying hard to adjust to his new life.  Captain America is working with SHIELD and Natasha Romanova (also known as the Black Widow) so the movie should have plenty of action.  The main enemy is a mysterious warrior called the Winter Soldier.

The new movie is slated for release on April 4, 2014.  If you didn’t already notice, that is 4-4-14.  Not sure the date really matters, although it makes for a cooler looking promotional poster.

Black Widow, if you don’t remember, is played by Scarlett Johansson, voted as one of the most beautiful women in the world.  She plays off great against The Cap.